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How About Trying Mullet Hairstyle?

IfAi??Ai?? chic and urban hairstyle is what you are looking for, mullet hairstyle may not be in your preffered list. Surprisingly, even if mullet has been censured by various style icons, being more linked with Southern and non-urban taste, this hairstyle has always been a preferred choice among all. Everyone from country singers like Randy Travis, Alan Jackson to female rockers and the most famous among them, Michael Jackson, had been seen in different versions of Mullet.

What is Mullet Hairstyle?
Mullets come in different shapes from curly and cascading, straight and spiky, to wavy and wild. The one thing common in all mullet hairstyles is thatAi??Ai?? hair is trimmed shorter on the top and around the ears and longer in the back. In the 80A?ai??i??ai???s, mullet gave men with longer haircut a A?ai??i??E?neat and well groomed lookA?ai??i??ai??? with hair tied back into a pony-tail and tucked under a collar. People who sported this easy-to-manage hairdo coined a apecial slogan even A?ai??i??E?business in the front and party in the backA?ai??i??ai???.

On Whom Mullet Hairstyle Looks Great?
In spite of its versatility, experts suggest that mullet hairstyle looks great on people with rounder faces and who want to draw more attention to their eyes and cheek bones. Mullet hairstyle also make shorter neck appear longer. This hairstyle looks cool on well-muscled physique coupled with strong personality.

Mullet Hairstyles and Celebrities:
From Antanio Banderas, Lionel Ritchie, Billy Ray Cyrus,Ai??Ai?? Tom Cruise, even professional wrestler cum actor Jesse Ventura and Michael Jordan sported this popular hairdo time to time. Even Kevin Federline has been seen wearing Mullet.

Styles of Mullet:
There are basically two styles of MulletA?ai??i??ai??? Classic and Ponytail.

  • Classic Mullet Style: A Classic mullet looks more traditional with hair trimmed aroung the ears and on the top, with long and layered hair in the back. This hairstyle looks great on people who have natural curls or wavy hair.
  • Ponytail Mullet Style: This hair is sported by men who love neat and business look, yet want to show their A?ai??i??E?adventurous streakA?ai??i??ai??? by tying their long hair into a pony tail at the back. This hairstyle looks fashionable on people who have straight hair because curly or wavy hair ends tend to become bushy with blunt cut.

Mullet Hairstyle Tips:
Though how to take care of mullet hairstyle certainly depends on individualA?ai??i??ai???s own lifestyle and amount of time spent in getting that hair look, here are some tips for everyday care:

  • Begin with Right Haircare Regime: Mullet haircuts generally draw a lot of attention from people. Experts suggest to use right shampoo and conditioner so as to make hair look shiny and healthy.
  • Regular Hair Trimming: Regularly trimming of hair neatly highlights the hair that flows towards the back. Otherwise, it will look messy and untidy.
  • Use Hair Smoother to Give extra Shine: If you have natural or flowing mullet, applying smoother to the hair will give it added shine.
  • Curl Your Top Hair For a Vintage Look: For traditional look, hair at the top may be curled by wrapping one layer at a time around thick round brush using blow dryer.
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  • Spike the Top Hair for a Cool Look: For wild, cool and spiky look, rub hair gel into your palms and run it through the top of your hair.

Finally itA?ai??i??ai???s your attitude which will define how well you look sporting mullet hairstyle. If you have oodles ofAi??Ai?? attitude, even a classy look is not impossible to get with this stylish hairstyle.

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