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An Elegant French Twist for a Ravishing Look!

The elegant and sleek French twist works best in medium to long hair. This elegant hairstyle worked beautifully with Audrey Hepburn. More recently Lindsay Lohan and Charlize Theron were seen sporting French twist.You can try it too. If you have short hair, you may have to bring some variations or do some half twists for that great hair look. If you have waist-length hair, you will have to fold your hair several times before tucking the role around the back of your head. For those of you blessed with naturally wavy hair, do not smooth out your curls, let it show. It will give you a soft dreamy look!

Techniques of French Twist:

  • Once you gather the skill, you can make a basic French twist in about 10 minutes. It is that easy! The trick is to practice till you find out A?ai??i??E?the best styleA?ai??i??ai??? that suits your style and personality.
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  • Shampoo your hair and dry it with an absorbent towel or blow dry it.
  • Gently backcomb your hair with a paddle comb till it smoothens.
  • Then brush your hair over to one side and pin your hair directly up the back.
  • Now putting your thumb in the centre, take the remaining hair and twist it around your thumb.
  • Secure the role with hair pins. To check, you may like to feel the hair is properly pinned, if not, push the pins into their place.
  • Use hair spray to secure any loose hair.

A French Twist that Suits all Occasions:
A French twist is for every occasion! You can wear it casually in beach parties or in yourAi??Ai?? night outs or on holidays. You can wear it on formal occasions like weddings, proms, black-tie parties and on other formal occasions.

If you find twisting your hair difficult, you may consider taking some help. For more elegant look, you may consider using hair accessories like crystal French twist comb instead of hairpins.Whatever you do, with French twist, you can be sure of one thing, you will look ravishing! buy combivent uk

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