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Is Fish Oil Good For Hair?

For centuries, losing hair has always been a major cause of concern for men and women. The good news is that scientists have found fish oil, with Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A, good for keeping our scalp and hair healthy. As a treatment for hair loss, fish oil is very useful provided there is no overdose.

Samantha Heller, MS. RD, NYU Medical Center recommends fish oil as a dietary supplement to patients who lack Omega-3 fatty acids on clinical evaluation. It must be taken as directed on the bottle under the guidance of a physician. Exceeding the prescribed dosage can be dangerous to patients. Overdose on Omega-3 fatty acids is impossible while eating nuts and plants.The danger comes from vitamin A in the fish oil. For example, Cod liver oil found in Cod fish is rich in vitamin A, so any overdose can be fatal.

It is always advisable to check the label under physicianA?a��a�?s guidance before using fish oil. For example some fish oils may contain high DHA and EPA omega fatty acids and low vitamin A. Also vitamin A content must be checked.

Besides treating hair, fish oil also make our immune system and bone stronger, our skin beautiful.

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