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Leonardo Di Caprio Hairstyles

Leonardo Di Carpio, with his sweet innocent smile and boy-next-door look in Titanic got his first worldwide recognition playing Jack Dawson. Since then, as an actor of high calibre, he has been highly appreciated in films like ‘The Departed’ and ‘Catch Me If You Can’.  Compared with Hollywood greats like Robert De Niro, Di Carpio got lots and lots of nominations and awards including BAFTA , Academy etc.

Popular Leonardo Di Caprio Hairstyles:
Dark blonde and sharp featured Leonardo Di Carpio accentuates his sharp features and his blue eyes by making his hair color lighter and brighter blond. Sharp features are softened by letting the hair fall loosely on the face. Even eccentric Howard Hughes appeared sensational and cool because of his short and layered side haircut. The jagged-texture cut left longer gave an extra volume. In other films, we saw him with his longer hair looks.

Popular Haircuts of Leonardo Di Caprio:
Leonardo Di Caprio looks completely at ease carrying off both long and short haircuts.

Some of Di Caprio’s popular haircuts:

  • Unkempt blonde hair look with few short locks left falling on his face softly.
  • Full-volume hair with a side sweep, lifted back from his face to show his broad forehead.
  • Spiky-cut dark short hairstyle as in The Departed and the Aviator.
  • Long angle-cut layers to show off his sharp features.

Leonardo Di Caprio surely knows how to keep changing hairstyles and win millions of fans worldwide. Why not? He is a fashion icon and a terrific actor afterall!

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