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Sparkle Your Hair With Hair Glitter

Hair Glitter is the latest trend these days. People use this glitter to add sparkle and glamor to their hair.

One need not go to the parlour to have hair glitter sprayed on their head. One can also make it in their house. Its an easy job.

Here are the instructions as to how to make one

1.A�A�Fill a spray bottle, with 3/4th level of water.
2.A�A�Now add on some glitter in the bottle.
3.A�A�In order to add style to the hair pour some hair spray in the mixture.
lady era pills 4.A�A�Put a tiny dot of mousse (a foamy preparation which helps keep the hair in place )
5.A�A�Now shake the bottle, till all the mixture dissolves.

Points to Keep In Mind

  • The Mousse may take a long time to dissolve, and it is also okay to go without it.
  • Be careful while your spraying the hair spray.
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Keep these points in mind and make your own glitter hair spray.A�

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