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Hair Extensions- Advantages and Disadvantages

If you have short hair, and want to enjoy the glamorous look of long layered hair, you can instantly switch on to hair extensions.

Hair extensions are a great and easy way to add on to the length of your hair. As it takes time for hair to grow long, hair extensions prove to be very useful, as they help one enjoy the feel of long hair.

However there is certain amount of knowledge that one is required to know about hair extensions.


1) Hair extensions are attached to the ends of natural hair with a kind of glue. This glue is said to be harmful for the hair and often the ends of the hair to which the extensions have been pasted have to be cut off.
2) The extensions are also said to add weight to the hair. This indirectly affects the scalp and this results in thinning of hair and headaches.
3) When done on your own, hair extensions tend to damage the hair to a great extent.


1) With the aid of hair extensions one need not wait to have long hair, and even if one wants to have long hair, hair extensions will give them an idea about having it.
2) You can change your look from sporting short hairstyles to long hairstyles.
3) You get to have the feel of having long hair, even though you have short hair.

If you have decided to go in for hair extensions you should always get it done and removed by an expert. Doing it on your own will cause damage to your hair.

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  1. I believe hair extensions are a brilliant way for women to obtain the length and thickness hair that they are wanting. Especially with various kinds available such as clip in extensions. You just fit then in and you’re done. You really can’t go wrong. I think hair extensions generally get a bad name when you get hair extensionsts who haven’t a clue what they are doing. Fitted correctly and you should have no problems.

  2. Wonderful study, i genuinely really like one piece hair extensions and couldnt be without mine. I’ll definatly be back quickly and will propose this page to all my close friends

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