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Feather Cut Hair Style

Feather Cut is the latest trend amongst young girls today. It gives one a very stylish and a real chic look. 

The feather Cut is more suitable for girls with straight hair. As the name suggests, the hair is cut in the shape of a feather. Starting from the ear the hair is cut, layer in layers. 

The reason many women go in for this cut is because, hair becomes very manageable once cut in this manner. 

There is also no much need to style your hair once you go in for this style. Also, one may go without a hair cut for a period of 6-7 weeks. The feather cut according to many hair stylists is called the “low maintenance” hair style. 

This cut makes the face look delicate and pretty, making the neckline attractive. 

With this haircut, one can go in for a middle parting, turn the hair sideways, curl up the ends or just clip up the front portion of the hair and look very pretty. 

Also one can highlight, portions of hair to add to the glamorous look. 

However, those of you who find it painful to have hair on your face, should avoid going in for a feather cut.

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  1. Doing a little research. Your post helped me – thanks. Peace, Hayden Bruer @ Hårförlängning

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