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Feather Cut Hair Style

Feather Cut is the latest trend amongst young girls today. It gives one a very stylish and a real chic look.A�A�

The feather Cut is more suitable for girls with straight hair. As the name suggests, the hair is cut in the shape of a feather. Starting from the ear the hair is cut, layer in layers.A�A�

The reason many women go in for this cut is because, hair becomes very manageable once cut in this manner.A�A�

There is also no much need to style your hair once you go in for this style. Also, one may go without a hair cut for a period of 6-7 weeks. The feather cut according to many hair stylists is called the “low maintenance” hair style.A�A�

This cut makes the face look delicate and pretty, making the neckline attractive.A�A�

With this haircut, one can go in for a middle parting, turn the hair sideways, curl up the ends or just clip up the front portion of the hair and look very pretty.A�A� lady-era pills

Also one can highlight, portions of hair to add to the glamorous look.A�A�

muse medicinale However, those of you who find it painful to have hair on your face, should avoid going in for a feather cut.

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