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Tips To Deal With Frizzy Hair

If you are fed up with your frizzy hair and do not know what to do, you have done the right job by clicking at the right site.

Frizzy hair is not a big issue if you know how to handle it well. Frizzy hair can be embarrassing when you want to look your best at a social event. It is a big confidence buster and many a times out of frustration, many women resort to straightening their hair, which is once again a “BIG MISTAKE”.

Straightening is not the answer to deal effectively with frizzy hair. One great way of dealing with frizzy hair is by determining how one shampoos their hair.

By shampooing in a particular manner, frizzy hair can be managed very effectively. Here is a list of instructions, which will help one understand how you should shampoo your hair.

1) Before you wash your hair, make sure it is oiled for at least for an hour.

2) Make sure your hair is tangle free, before you wash your hair. Combing the hair when wet, causes it to break away from its root.

3) Once you finished washing your hair with the shampoo, rinse it once lightly with a conditioner.

4) It would be good if you would leave on some conditioner on the hair, after the hair wash.

5) In order to ensure maximum shine and to seal the cuticles, wash your hair with cold water.

6) Once you are done washing your hair, take some anti-frizz cream and apply it on your hair. Make sure you apply the cream only on your hair. Applying it on the scalp will make it look greasy and you don’t want that to happen right!!!

7) Now once you have applied the cream,do not touch your hair. Touching it with your fingers or comb will only cause it to become rougher.

Important Tips To Keep In Mind

1) Untangle wet hair with a comb that has wide teeth. Another best option is to finger comb it, it is considered to be the right way of untangling your hair.

2) Wash your hair only when it is required. 1-2 times in a week would be sufficient. Greasy hair however, should be washed 3-4 times a week.

3) Washing hair every day may cause it to get rough. So wash, in accordance to your requirement.

4) What you sleep on also, determines the friskiness of your hair. Cotton pillow covers cause a lot of friction and tends to make the hair rough. So make sure that your pillow cover is a satin one.

5) Also do not cover your hair with a nightcap while sleeping, as it tends to cut of the circulation, making the hair drier.

6) You can also keep a bottle filled with conditioner and water and spray it on your frizzy hair every time you go out.

7) Deep conditioning of hair once a week is a must.

8) When out in dusty or sunny areas cover your hair with a scarf.

9) If you have dry hair, use minimum shampoo, as shampoo tends to dry the hair in a worse manner.

Also remember, that your hair is beautiful, irrespective of all the odds and what others think and feel about it. You are doing your best and no body can look after your hair the way you do.

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  1. Hey Thanks for the info! cool i needed some help with frizzy hair..:S

  2. hey thanx alot.. d tips r pretty handy n easy 2 do… n DOESNOT involve many products or chemical on hair… thanx agn :)

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